I started my career as an oncology and critical care nurse because I wanted to dedicate my life to serving patients. More than 30 years later, I am proud to lead Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., -- a United States affiliate of Ipsen, a global specialty biopharmaceuticals leader in oncology, neurology and endocrinology – where patients are our raison d’Ăªtre.

Because our mission is to provide hope for the patients whose lives are challenged by difficult-to-treat diseases, we go all in to help our patients. We know exactly who we are and why we come to work every day – we are focused on rare or serious diseases where patient need is great, and we are driven to become a leading global biotech company focused on innovation and specialty care. For us, this work is personal.

Historically, we have focused on investigating toxins and peptides in neurology and endocrinology. Our development and commercialization approach represents the best of how we regard science – working in close partnership with like-minded partners who have promising assets. We know how to get compounds from benchside to bedside thoroughly and quickly by investing in research with selective focus; becoming a ‘development powerhouse’ by accelerating programs with the focus, quality and speed of a biotech; and building a ‘commercial powerhouse’ in specialty care.

As we pair our scientific expertise with our personal passion for supporting patients, we believe we are paving the way for our company – and our industry – to demonstrate the value of patient-reported outcomes research.

Cynthia Schwalm
President, North American Commercial Operations