The seven action principals of Ipsen US provide each of our employees a frame of reference for their work each day. They reflect our company’s ambition, they set standards for how we work with each other, and they guide our behavior within the company and with our stakeholders.

  For Ipsen For each of us

♦ Empowering each employee with a clearly defined set of responsibilities and scope of action. It means encouraging people to take risks by recognizing the right to make mistakes. It means applying the highest ethical standards throughout the organization and complying with applicable laws and regulations. ♦ Increasing our efforts and spearheading initiatives to reach our objectives and come up with solutions that constantly strengthen our company’s performance. It means fulfilling our commitments in an transparent manner and taking personal responsibility for our performance.

Team Spirit
♦  Facilitating and fostering cross-functional collaboration, encouraging people to share best practices, and rewarding those who are genuine team players. ♦ For each of us: Integrating the skills of individual team members, communicating openly to all employees, and helping the team to work in the interest of the Company’s success versus focusing on one’s own interests.

Result Orientation
♦  Fostering cross-functional collaboration, encouraging people to share best practices, and rewarding those who are genuine team players. Nurturing a spirit of shared ownership for our successes and challenges at every level within the Company. ♦ Fostering a culture in which results are fundamental. It requires pragmatism, being demanding with ourselves in every way as we strive to achieve high performance.

♦ Promoting awareness and openness to the outside world. It means bolstering the company’s ability to respond by simplifying the way we operate and streamlining decision-making processes. ♦ Adapting to change, adjusting to the circumstances, keeping the thought process simple so as to make quick decisions and respond in a timely manner.

Patient Focus
♦ Interacting with and listening to patients to identify, meet or exceed their needs. ♦ Holding our products and services to the highest industry standards of quality, science and ethics.

♦ Encouraging and supporting the development of our talent and capabilities to succeed in the face of competitive forces and opportunities. It means seeking growth and improvement and encouraging all teams to do the same. ♦ Listening to all employees who bring ideas for solving problems and enhancing business growth. It means recognizing and rewarding success at every level in achieving key milestones as we pursue the Company’s mission and objectives for growth.

♦ Challenging the status quo to meet and exceed the needs of patients, families and caregivers. ♦ Exercising our intellect and generating ideas to develop and enhance our products, processes and programs. It means fostering the ongoing growth of our company for the benefit of patients and the healthcare communities we serve.