Translational Research Platforms

Ipsen believes that every scientific advancement has the potential to impact lives.
Ipsen believes in the core value of transforming incremental advances in basic science into practical applications that have the potential to impact people’s lives. This focus on “bench-to-bedside” practices embodies Ipsen’s approach to R&D, with the ultimate goal of taking molecules from research trials conducted in the laboratory to medications used in the real world.

Ipsen R&D has a clear focus on two key areas:  peptides and toxins. The company, along with its collaborative agreements, has the ability to deliver excellence in these key areas spanning the continuum of drug development.
Focus: Peptides
Ipsen has a long, successful history of peptide drug discovery and formulation. Our dedicated team of scientists has applied this expertise to developing analogs of natural peptides, closely aligned with patient needs. We are now also exploring the potential of peptides to interact with molecular targets such as intracellular protein-protein interactions, which remain difficult to address by drug classes such as small molecules and antibodies.
Focus: Toxins
Botulinum toxins inhibit neurotransmission at cholinergic nerve terminals. They cause contracted muscles to relax, allowing their application in a broad range of potential therapeutic indications.