Partners & Investors

The Power of Partnerships

Eager to Bring our Strengths Together for a Greater Good

Like other regions within the Ipsen family, Ipsen North America delivers. We are seen as trailblazers, leveraging global resources and infrastructure to expand the company’s footprint in the US. We have developed our own unique “build and grow” mentality, based on accountability, agility, and action.

This starts at the top. Our highly experienced management and executive teams have a track record of achievements at some of the most successful biotech companies. Their shared vision has charted a course that enabled us to meet or exceed our corporate financial goals, achieving profitability in North America 1½ years ahead of schedule. In addition, 100% of our Ipsen-led Phase III trials over the last 5 years led to FDA approval, moving to commercialization.

Yet while we continue to chart our own course and make strides through independent launches, we welcome collaboration with like-minded partners, seeking external as well as internal knowledge, ideas, and experience to further our mission of helping patients.

In addition, with our research and development (R&D) campus based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, among some of the greatest biopharmaceutical entities in the world, we’re well-positioned to forge more successful partnerships for even greater results.

At Ipsen North America, we believe that we are building a strong legacy of helping patients and know that we can only be better if we work together, both internally and externally. The unstoppable momentum that we exhibit every day propels our company forward. We will never cease in our quest to find additional treatment options for patients and help them to live their best possible lives.

Business Development

A strategic focus on 3 therapeutic areas:
  • Oncology
  • Neurosciences
  • Rare diseases
  • Specialty care and niche clinical-stage and marketed products
  • US late-stage and/or marketed opportunities complementary to our commercial foot print within our core therapeutic areas
Within our strategic areas of interest, we are seeking:
  • Select early- and clinical-stage assets
  • Commercialized products that are complementary to our existing footprint
  • Novel neurotoxin platforms
  • Early-stage R&D, delivery, and devices in neurosciences
  • External partners for new and existing Ipsen compounds/products
Commitment to Success

We have a strong corporate commitment to partnerships at Ipsen with dedicated, cross-functional resources to ensure the success and innovation of each partnership. In addition to a team of experienced business development professionals, our senior leadership team remains accessible and actively involved in advancement of our products. This structure enables fast-track decision-making, along with visibility into resource allocation. We value the key role our partners play in achieving our goal to innovate for patient care. Together, we stimulate and advance new research projects to help improve our patients' lives. Our targeted collaboration efforts with synergistic companies having complementary skills and technologies provide significant value, including:

  • Enhancing our R&D portfolio with clinical-stage assets
  • Maximizing the value of our distribution network through late-stage partnerships
  • Strengthening our technology base and early research in neurosciences

We believe that sharing and expanding expertise increases the number of research projects we can bring to feasibility. For Ipsen US and our trusted partners, collaboration is producing more innovative and therapeutic opportunities to benefit our patients.

Roadmap to Success: R&D Strategy

Ipsen's ambitions in R&D are spearheaded by a new focus on external innovation, our technological platforms focused on neurotoxins, a strong commitment to translational research, a robust partnership policy, and a promising pipeline.

The success of Ipsen R&D is based on 5 key closely interlinked objectives:

1. Patient focus

Ipsen’s mission, “innovation for patient care,” highlights the Group’s commitment to focusing on patients and unmet medical needs and to providing innovative therapeutic options. Focusing on patients is critical to determining unmet medical needs and identifying both the pathophysiological and disease molecular mechanisms and biological targets that should be developed. This approach is fundamental both in clinical development phases and in bringing innovative molecules to the market.

2. Focus on aligning priorities with the Franchise strategy

The Franchises determine medical needs and contribute to prioritizing which patient populations need new and differentiated treatments. Research then defines which molecular targets should be stimulated or inhibited to satisfy the medical need. This collaboration fosters the development of competitive molecules. This highly focused approach concentrates efforts on unmet medical needs while optimizing the allocation of resources.

3. Scientific and medical excellence

We will continue with our internal and external resources on neurology projects from early discovery to market. We will continue with our development activities in oncology and rare diseases and maintain our leadership in neuroendocrine tumors. This includes increasing our efforts in translational sciences, including mechanism of action, combinations with novel agents, and identifying new indications. Ipsen has entered into agreements with highly specialized companies and is strengthening its partnership policy through agreements with major research institutes and medical centers of excellence on a global scale.

4. Speed of execution across the value chain

During preclinical and clinical development, the early designation of therapeutic targets and markers allows us to better define the potential value of molecules and accelerate the development process as well as the construction of the product dossiers that are submitted to regulatory bodies for market authorization.

5. An open and collaborative project-centric innovation model

The alignment of priorities of the Franchises and the implementation of project teams—which bring together a broad range of competencies focused on shared objectives—are the pillars of Ipsen’s collaborative innovation model. The Group’s innovation model, which fosters the development of partnerships with major research institutes (Salk Institute, US) and centers of excellence (Institut Gustave Roussy, France; Massachusetts General Hospital, US; etc.), allows Ipsen to leverage the breadth of its strengths. Compared with peers of comparable size and positioning.

Global R&D Pipeline

A Robust Pipeline for the Future

Ipsen’s R&D activities are focused on discovering and developing new molecules and programs for the lifecycle management of products already marketed by the company (including new formulations, extension of indications, and registration of products in new geographical areas).

Current areas of worldwide research in oncology include: neuroendocrine tumors and prostate, hepatocellular, ovarian, renal cell, and gastric cancers.